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Imagine living with greater comfort, confidence, and ease.

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If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and fearful in situations where you consciously know you’re perfectly safe, this might be the most important information you have read in a while.

But First… Here’s a Warning:

Please understand this is a process focused on helping you get from where you are now to where you would like to be.

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of phone calls and emails I’ve received over the years from people who insisted they only wanted to know WHY they had a fear.

Here’s how that usually plays out:

  • You already had an unnecessary fear.
  • Now you have validation as to why you had that fear.
  • Now you feel even worse about the fear.

I do things differently here.

The focus on your hypnosis process is not to shine the metaphorical magnifying glass on your past looking for the perceived magic of “insight.”

This is a process of letting go.

Instead of the magnifying glass, imagine instead the idea of a slingshot. If we ever pull back into past experiences, the goal is to do that only with the intention of letting go. Together, we’ll then use that momentum to propel you naturally and easily into the comfort you’re ready to enjoy.

With that said… let me jump right in and show you….

Exactly How Hypnosis Can Help You

This is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever done to release your fears. As soon as you arrive, we’ll get to work immediately to identify what has been holding you back, release it, and clear it. Rather than a tired, old approach of “wait-and-see” or “hope-it-works!”, I believe in using rapid neurological change strategies so we both know the results are in motion.

The hypnosis process will unlock your abilities to take back control of how you feel. You are a partner in every step of this process as we work together to release what has been holding you back. You will learn powerful hypnotic strategies to turn old weaknesses into new strengths.

Here’s what people are saying:

I found Jason after a year of dealing with a horrible fear of flying set off by one particularly bad flight. It worked 100 percent for me. Since working with Jason I have had no problem flying.  I am amazed by the result and would encourage anyone willing to take this process seriously to give Jason a try.

Joanna P.

November 2012

I went from no driving to taking 395 to get to my sessions. I thought I'd never drive again and now I have my life back. Hypnosis has virtually cured me. I am almost completely comfortable driving again.

Carly P.

February 2018

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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Here’s a massive list of the fears I’ve helped people release:

  • Fear of Flying
  • Fear of Spiders
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Fear of Heights
  • Fear of Driving
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Medical Procedures
  • Fear of Touching Pennies (no really…)
  • Fear of Loneliness
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Germs
  • Fear of Small Spaces
  • Fear of Death
  • Fear of Large Crowds
  • Fear of Clowns
  • Fear of Lists of Fears (okay, I’m joking…)

Your program will be custom-designed based on you.

Here’s a fraction of what my clients often discover:

  • Learn the rapid EMOTIONAL DETOX method so you can take back control of a feeling before it takes control of you.
  • Why logic and reason are often the least effective methods to overcome a fear.
  • The 5 emotional needs your mind and body desires, and how you can reset your thoughts to turn that old problem into a strength.
  • The power of HYPNOTIC ANCHORING as you discover the same way into your old problem is also the way out of it.
  • The truth about hypnosis, and how you’re already doing it. I’ll just show you how to do it better.
  • How all fears can be easily sorted into two categories, and why this separation must be clear before ANY method of change will work for you.
  • The one part of your mind that we will reverse to now support you rather than hold you back.
  • Why laughter may be the best medicine.

Here’s a fraction of what my clients often discover:

  • Unmatched professional experience from thousands of hours of training and tens-of-thousands of hours “in the trenches” helping people just like you.
  • Ongoing support with videos and audio programs designed to enhance the changes well after we’ve worked together.
  • My LIMITLESS SELF-HYPNOSIS method to reset your mental patterns and step into your desired success.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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Here’s what people are saying:

I suffered for years with an extreme phobia of bugs, and I wanted desperately to note have it affect my work when I knew the cicadas were coming. Within one session, my vigilant feeling while outside had improved and I slept soundly at night. Now, I can kill bugs for myself.

Nicole B.

June 2013

Hey Jason, I want to thank you soooo much for your help on Tuesday. I went to the doctors' and got my blood taken first try. I didn't even flinch. Thank you so much, but I also found something else while getting my blood taken. Check the picture. 😀

Cindy M.

August 2011

Get started now with a published expert in the field.

The Northern Virginia newspaper “The Zebra” published this article of mine in their June 2013 issue.



Fears can hold a person back from experiencing a productive, happy life.  In this month’s column, I’m going to share some interesting tactics we’ve found to be helpful in overcoming fears that may benefit you or someone with whom you share this information.

Whether it’s a fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear of medical procedures, or any other fear, we’re talking about the same concept: an irrational use of the subconscious mind and the imagination.  You know one thing, and yet you’re feeling something else.  Consider a person that has a fear of flying.  They likely know that they may be safer 30,000 feet up in the air than they were driving to the airport, and yet they are feeling symptoms of fear and anxiousness. 

That phrase, “and yet,” can be best one to understand how to begin to release the fear.

We define hypnosis as a “bypass of the critical factors of the conscious mind.”  The following examples will help explain this.  You’re driving in your car thinking of everything other than driving, and you miss your exit.  You’re working on something in a very focused state of mind, you lose track of time, and realize it’s a few hours later.  These are naturally occurring “bypasses” of the conscious mind, something people do nearly every day. 

People often call me with the question of whether they can be hypnotized or not, and perhaps now you’d understand why I may respond, “You’re already doing it, and I’m just going to help you do it in a more beneficial way.”  We use the process to then program in the right thoughts and eliminate negative beliefs.  Here are some helpful tips and mindsets to begin to release your fear.

Understand the strength of your own mind. 

There are two statements we can make about any fear.  First of all, it’s a part of your mind that’s working really hard to protect you.  Therefore, the process to change it may be very simple: give it better information.  The second statement is that it only took a few moments to learn the fear.  As your mind is so gifted that it can learn quickly, you may be able to unlearn it just as quickly.

Dial the sensation up and down. 

When you experience the sensation of fear, it may be the most important thing about you.  On the other hand, a team of surgeons couldn’t track down that “feeling” and remove it from you.  On one side, it’s important and demands your attention, yet on the other side it doesn’t exist.  By understanding this balance, you may perhaps begin to “play” with that fearful sensation.  Try dialing it as well as dimming it down, simply by thought.

Disconnect it from your identity. 

Become aware of the words you use to describe it.  Is it always “my fear” or similar phrases?  The more your words own it, chances are the more you may be reinforcing it.  Consider what new patterns of thought you’ll reinforce within the brain by referring to it as “that fear” rather than “this fear.”

Interrupt the pattern. 

The next time you encounter the stimulus, find a good reason to laugh.  Remember something you recently laughed at and you can “short circuit” the negative mental pattern.

 As a final thought, fears don’t have to be a permanent problem.  Just the awareness that you’d like to change something is the first step forward.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

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