Personalized  Mentorship and Consulting with Jason Linett

Model what works. Get better results. Grow your business. Make it rain.

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Jason Linett sharing the principles of scaling a business at an industry conference in Feburary 2019 in Las Vegas.

If you’re already trained in hypnosis, would you like to make this happen?

  • Learn the methods to expand into new markets.
  • Create passive income.
  • Discover the strategies to grow from a five-figure business to a six-figure business.
  • Get faster results with your clients

Are you brand new to hypnosis, and is this your goal?

  • Get trained and certified in a one-to-one environment rather than a big class.
  • You want concierge-style service to work with a hypnotherapist in one extended intensive visit rather than a multiple session protocol?
  • You don’t want to be hypnotist, however you want to harness the skills of hypnotic communication, neurolinguistic programming, and ethical influence for scripting presentations or business writing.

I’ll be blunt. This isn’t for everybody. It’s not cheap, however it isn’t expensive compared to the massive value and attention to detail you are going to receive. If business expansion is your goal, I’m going to hold you massively accountable for your actions because this is for the true entrepreneur, not the “wantreprenuer.”

Every program is different, and the details on this page will explain how it can be a live-and-in-person experience in your location or mine, or through the wonder of video conference software we can be just as effective through remote access.

Private Consulting with Jason Linett

The way I usually work with people is an “ongoing” process. This allows us to set a plan in motion, and follow-through

During our time, you get my hands-on assistance to help to improve your business funnels, adjust your strategy, and generally help redirect the growth of your business. Sometimes we dip into hypnosis skills, though the process becomes what you need rather than a strict structure.  

Some examples of business tasks I’ve done with current mentorship students:

  • Hands-on training of automation systems for email marketing. We set up it and program it together.
  • Modifying my phone process to help a student eliminate his live consultation, and do all his selling by phone.
  • Launching and growing a YouTube channel to help a hypnotist stand out as THE EXPERT in her local “crowded” market.
  • Punch up headlines, copywriting, and written materials to get potential clients to take action faster.
  • Building a sales funnel to maximize the returns of a health fair.
  • Designing an ongoing “group session machine” to drive business into their office.
  • Coaching the “elevator speech” for upcoming and ongoing networking events.
  • Direct access to my “team.” The programmer who has built several of my websites was just hired to build a student’s website.

Examples of hypnotic method work I've done with current mentorship students:

  • Eliminating the dependency of written scripts.
  • Established a more flexible structure of working with clients.
  • Breaking free of the "you must regress to cause with everybody" virus.
  • Creative approaches to self-hypnosis.
  • Client case-studies and review.
  • Building confidence in instant & rapid inductions.
  • Flexible use of NLP in conversational hypnosis and formal hypnosis. 

These are all suggestions. The process becomes what you want it to be, as you direct our focus.

  • The process is private and confidential. These are not pre-recorded “group” calls. It’s you and me, one-on-one.
  • I recommend we use Zoom, because I video-record all the calls for you, and share them with you via Vimeo links. They’re your private property, and this allows you to revisit and review the content after the calls.
  • We work at the pace you choose. I’ve had people do all the calls in sequential weeks, and others who paced it out over two years.
  • Note that I do the calls Monday-Friday between 9:30am and 5:30pm Washington DC time. This can be flexible with advance planning.

The obvious statement is that your results are based on your levels of action and readiness, though it should be clear that if you follow my direction and advice, you should be easily able to make back your investment and much more.

The "WORK SMART" Consulting Program

How Does This Work?

  • Just like the journey of personal change, this is a PROCESS rather than an EVENT.
  • I have seen the best success with a series of ten scheduled online Zoom meetings to directly address your goals.
  • This isn't just about creating a business plan. Together, we'll build-out and launch your custom program.

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